Display models or travel agency style models from various private collections

over 2400 pictures of metal, resin and plastic aviation models !!!!

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This is a non-comercial site of some friends who are sharing the same hobby in collecting Desktop/Display modells.

Latest UPDATE: OCT 2023, new models and changed text in all categories

All informations are provided as best as we can. If you have any information that we didnít have included please let us know.
Some of the stands the models are placed on are not the original ones. It is not marked what planes are displayed with wrong stands.
We welcome any collector of display models  to include their models on this page
There are no tracking tools or saving of personal data
This page will be refreshed unregulary.

Legend / Glosar

Original          = non fixed condition ( could have wear of the age)
Refinished     = new or fixed painting/livery or decals
Repaired       = new or fixed parts an minor painting
Restored        = new or repaired parts with new finish
Resin              = different kind of resin material of full body models
Plastic            = different kind  of plastic materials (like snapfit or Herpa Premium models)
Composite    = CFG, GFK and other kind of laminated materials
Wood             = models with a bood based body


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You find (Oct 2023)

    metal civil planes (Verkuyl, Raise-up, Fomaer, Schaarschmidt):330
    metal militray planes (Allyn, Fomaer, Bronzard..): 370
    resin civil planes (Pac-Min, Space, Graphideco, Master, Westways) : 820
    resin militray planes 300
    Airjets: 90
    other modelplanes & drones & Rockets 
    (Dinky, Corgi, Aeromini, Armour, Franklin...): 200





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