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 new procedure Juli 2013

All sales are private sales, without any warrenty! This is a non-commercial site.

The offers are from different private persons, some are older and it need sometime to get in contact with them to get details or clarification. The main purpose of this site is presentation and not selling. Sometimes I'm slow in response due to my daily work.

You could download the pdf file with the offers. The PDF file includes links to picture of the model.
Most of the models are shipped from germany and prices are in . A pickup at the Frankfurt airport could be arranged, in this case it is be possible that german mailing cost for shipment inside germany would add.

The file:  or click the picture!


BUY NEW OLD STOCK PRECISE (successor of TOPPING) US MODELS HERE!! >(link to US site)



From all planes you could get more detailed pictures on request

Please take care that your return mail address allow the return mail, some mail accounts block mail with the adresses with the word "sales"
Please contact: 

due to spamming no direct link ! Sorry